Creating this art

From love! What is Raku? Most people do not know how I work to create a small mural.  First the work is a sheet of clay and I Draw, Paint and silkscreen images in colored clay and slip. Then the work is cut apart, and bisque after it has dried flat for about three months. Next it is reassembled and glazed, And flux fired a couple of times in may electric kiln.  Last it is RAKU ed in an outdoor kiln. The ware is at 2000 degrees, NEXT  I open the kiln, wearing fireproof clothing I remove the tiles with tongs. They are put in carbon baring materials that burn , like plants, newspaper sawdust.  The image changes and only the strong color survives.  This process adds the darkness and shadow to the work. The edges and back are blackened by the smoke and the fire adds images.  Those images are from the texture in the original clay.  The work is washed and glued to a board. Now for the first time I see the result of a year of work.  Each work of art is one of a kind.  An image from fire and smoke.

Visual arts

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